Tanahashi Sweeps the Leg

by Daniel Johnson

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Prince Devitt

Yes, in this bout Tanahashi uses the same strategy that the fearsome Cobra Kai used on poor Ralph Macchio. As talented as Tanahashi and Devitt are the logic behind this bout is baffling. Sure, Tanahashi targeting Devitt’s leg makes sense since Devitt is an incredible high-flyer, but then…Devitt completely no-sells it. Okay, well not completely, but there are athletes who could train for the rest of their lives and never hit a pele kick. Yet, Devitt lands one with a bad wheel? It’s kind of tough to suspend disbelief for that. By the same token if Devitt sold the injury it would be even worse since spectators would miss out on all his high-flying awesomeness. It’s lose-lose, really.

As flawed as it is at least the match has psychology. Tanahashi goes after Devitt’s leg early after Prince gets it caught in the ropes. Despite being a way less hated Japanese version of John Cena, Tanahashi busts out some heel moves by slamming Devitt’s leg against the ringpost. Devitt acts hurt, but unrealistically waves it off to dropkick Tanahashi out of the ring and then flip over the top rope to land on his opponent. Some more dropkicks are thrown along with the aforementioned pele kick and a double stomp for Tanahashi.

At least Devitt shows Tanahashi some respect in this match from the 2010 G1 Climax. He only wins after barely managing to roll Tanahashi up after Tanahashi had him beaten.

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