A Wrestler That Looks Taller Than The Great Khali

by Daniel Johnson

The Giant Pharaoh vs. Chris Escobar, The Giant Pharaoh vs. Lucifer Lords, The Giant Pharaoh vs. Image

The ancient Egyptians are known for a lot of things including the pyramids, worshiping cats and now producing squash machines like The Giant Pharaoh. The Great Khali is probably a good deal taller than Pharaoh, but NWA On Fire does a great job making Pharaoh look taller than he actually is. From the low camera angles to the fairly short opponents to the referee climbing the ropes to raise his hand in victory everything is orchestrated masterfully. Plus, the squashing is a blast.

The clip starts with Pharaoh taking on Escobar in a normal match. A Razor’s edge into a powerbomb later and Pharaoh is demanding more opponents. Next, out comes Lords. He is similarly beaten in seconds with a double-handed chokeslam. Following this bout Pharaoh taps into the moveset of The Great Khali by walloping Escobar and Lords with a double brain chop. Only he does it off the ropes! The final match brings out Image, who looks less jobberific than Escobar and Lords and is kind of fat so he has that going for him. However, looks can be deceiving. Pharaoh squashes him with a plan old sidewalk slam.

Before the clip ends Pharaoh also has a brief stare down with NWA On Fire regular Josef Von Schmidt, but nothing comes of it.

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