Sami Zayn Nearly Wins the ISW Championship

by Daniel Johnson

El Generico vs. Player Uno

Yesterday, I wrote about WWE’s use of young talent and awesomely enough ISW also just happened to feature a young WWE talent as part of ISW Free Match Monday. Yes, the company continues to impress by putting some of it’s best content out there for all to enjoy! This match is for the company’s richest prize, the ISW Championship!

A very out of breath Twiggy joins Mike Rotch to call this match as Player Uno starts by working on the arm of El Generico aka the future Sami Zayn. Unfortunately for Uno, it seems to have little effect as rather than selling any pain, just a short time later Generico nails three arm drags in a row. The match really picks up when Generico takes a big back body drop followed by Uno lunging himself at his opponent with a suicide dive.

Back inside Uno gives Generico an all too brief chopfest before getting paid back with a tornado DDT. At this point Twiggy and Rotch play up Kevin Steen, who at the time was the number one contender to the winner of this match. Generico? Steen? ISW? Do I smell a future WWE developmental territory? Also, just a few seconds later the commentary team shares some amazing insight by saying, “John Goodman would play a good serial rapist. A good John Wayne Gacy.” Who knew ISW guys moonlit as Hollywood casting agents?

Back to the match Uno gets two with a ribcage city ransom and another two count with a German suplex. Generico fights back and gets a two count of his own with a blue thunder bomb and another two count with a Michinoku driver. On that note, the commentary team brings up TAKA Michinoku’s Japanese theme, which I have on compact disc and have listened to more times than I can count.

Again, back to the match there is some more back and forth and Generico kicks out of a mushroom stomp and Uno gets out of a removal of face kick. Finally, for the finish Uno nicks Generico with a mushroom stomp, receives another removal of face kick and nearly takes a brainbuster before reversing it to win the match with a tombstone piledriver.

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