The Lesser Records of Beyond Wrestling

by Daniel Johnson

Jonny Mangue vs. Maserati Rick

One of the things inherently true about Beyond Wrestling’s point system is that not all the wrestlers can have winning records. Yet, since wrestling is a competition of showmanship perhaps more than anything, wrestlers with bad records in Beyond can still put on some decent and at times incredible matches. Which one does this fall into? Well, let’s take a look.

Denver Colorado calls the action as always and plays up Jonny Mangue recently defeating The Pitboss in a dog collar match to bring his record up to 0 while Maserati Rick trails him at -4. The match begins slowly with Mangue getting Rick in a wristlock and headbutting his hand. I know that, that may be describing it terribly, but the description gives an impression of the image. Mangue then goes for his jaguar submission early on, but Rick runs out of the ring with gusto before coming back in and giving Mangue a cheapshot. Rick clamps on a headlock and there is not much going on before Rick hits a Rocker dropper and gets another headlock in.

There is some bland back and forth brawling despite the video claiming it contains “WICKED strikes.” Mangue locks in a Haku-esque nerve hold and really starts to punish Rick, but the two then blow a spot. Rick partially makes up for it by hitting a sweet looking fisherman buster and a short time later a deadly looking clothesline. There is one of those “WICKED strikes” the people at Beyond were talking about!

The two blow another spot, but then a bit later Mangue manages an awesome looking crossbody and jumps into a flawless powerbomb variation by Rick. The match ends abruptly when Rick taps to Mangue’s jaguar submission.

Was this match decent or incredible? You decide.

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