Pierre goes to School at ACW

by Daniel Johnson

Pierre Abernathy vs. Gary Jay

ACW was kind enough to upload some free matches yesterday. In keeping with one of the themes of this site in uncovering rare gems, here is the one that had the least amount of views on YouTube as of this morning. Before the match the commentary team brings up that this is some St. Lous action spilling over to ACW. So a little southeastern action coming to the southwest, I guess. The commentators also build up Abernathy as he comes out to his “Macho Man” Randy Savage/Hulk Hogan hybrid theme by saying, “Look at him, I mean just look at him.” Sadly, there is no Rob Conway cameo.

To begin the match Jay offers a handshake and upon accepting it Professional Wrestling 101 dictates that Abernathy takes a kick to the gut. Up next check out the painful (in more ways than one) snapmare Abernathy performs on Jay. Jay comes back from it and punishes Abernathy with a butt load of strikes and a proper snapmare.

Jay tries to put Abernathy away with an attempted sleeper. It is attempted because Abernathy just crumples to the mat for a comedy spot. Jay signals for a moonsault. Who does he think he is Rob Van Dam? No, Jay isn’t doing it ad nauseum. Anyway, Abernathy tries to win the match with a lariat and signals for his own moonsault (also while not being as annoying as RVD). Instead Abernathy gets intercepted by Jay as Jay then goes to the top rope and hits an elbow on the back of Abernathy’s neck. Lastly, more Professional Wrestling 101 is drawn from as Jay holds Abernathy’s tights during a schoolboy pin for the win.

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