A Tremendous Investigation at ISW

by Daniel Johnson

Tremendous Investigations, Inc. vs, Leon St. Giovanni and The Mighty Mo

This week’s ISW Free Match Monday begins with some hype for the upcoming Burger King of the Ring II: Double Whopper (just four months away!). After that the clip segues into a promo cut by Dan Barry of Tremendous Investigations Inc. He informs the crowd that he and his partner Bill Carr are investigating an illegal denim ring in ISW. As a muscled mass with a law enforcement gimmick Carr draws many comparisons to The Big Boss Man, but perhaps not The Big Boss Man as seen in this pic. Before the match begins Barry also lets the crowd no why exactly he is targeting The Mighty Mo. Hmm, giving the mature nature of the reason perhaps it would sound less explicit if I explained it a five year old would. The Mighty Mo put a picture online of him biting Barry’s wee wee.

Anyway, as for the actual match quality Barry hits some neat moves such as the trust fall, which is essentially just a senton with Barry crossing his arms before landing aka like a trust fall in one of those team building exercises. He then interrogates Giovanni in a ring corner before tagging in Carr who proceeds to interrogate and fist Giovanni. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Anyway, all good fisting must come to an end and as such The Might Mo is tagged in. He proceeds to take along with his partner a combined nine hip tosses from Barry.   Giovanni and Mo manage some offense and after some elbows a little later in the match Giovanni comes darn close to getting a three count. However, Tremendous Investigations get a tremendous win after a Boss Man slam from Carr and a daring top rope press from Barry.

Post match Barry and Carr handcuff Giovanni and Mo as the theme from Beverly Hills Cop plays.

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