Vintage Hardy Boyz

by Daniel Johnson

Surge vs. Willow the Whisp

As bizarre and downright scary as some of what Matt Hardy has posted to YouTube has been perhaps none has been more strange than his early matches. Okay, that’s probably not even close to being true, but still his early matches are interesting to look at.

One odd thing about The Hardy Boyz is that as a a tag team they have incredible chemistry, arguably some of the best of all time. However, it is baffling that as opponents they have a tremendous lack of chemistry. Except for their match at Wrestlemania 25, that was off the hook and is underrated. Yet, this match sadly isn’t the one from Wrestlemania 25. Instead it features some decent daredevil spots with some awkward wrestling and clunky transitions in between.

Matt Hardy plays the fan favorite as Surge. I can’t blame Matt because I know if I was going to choose any soda associated with the 1990s as a ring name in hopes of getting a crowd reaction Surge would be my pick. Or maybe OK Soda, but that probably wouldn’t be nearly as catchy. Speaking of names this bout took place in the Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts or OMEGA as it is more sanely known as. Standing on the other side of the ring from Surge is Jeff Hardy aka Willow the Whisp. I’d dissect this name further as well, but it would take some real amateur psychological analysis on my part to get to the bottom of it.

In the early going of the bout not a whole heck of a lot happens other then Matt knocking Jeff out of the ring a bit. He does this once with a pretty impressive armdrag after coming off the top rope. Another time Matt knocks Jeff out with perhaps the loudest spot I’ve ever heard called in a small venue with a clothesline. The second half of the match is far more exciting as there is less awkward downtime between daredevil spots. Matt is particularly impressive looking with a top rope clothesline to the floor, a top rope Asai moonsault on the inside and a powerbomb from up top that ends the match.

As a whole the bout is a bit awkward and silly, but entertaining especially for Matt’s more risky spots.

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