Jaka Gets Whacked by Cockstrong

by Daniel Johnson

Jaka vs. Johnny Cockstrong

Two of the best records in Beyond Wrestling are on the line in this one. Before the match concluded Jaka had a record of 9 while Cockstrong had a superior record of 12, just behind frontrunner Mark Angel. Denver Colorado points out that this is the first time Jaka and Cockstrong are meeting. Speaking of first times when are we finally going to get that Jaka/Jonny Mangue match *wink*.

Cockstrong starts off by putting Jaka in a headlock, but Jaka quickly reverses out of it. Cockstrong escapes, but Jaka shoulder blocks him down. After showcasing some supreme speed and knocking him down with a dropkick and later with a kick to the abdomen Cockstrong really starts going to town on Jaka. In one corner Cockstrong starts hitting Jaka with his…well it’s in Cockstrong’s name. Let’s be a little conservative and just call it his pelvis. Eventually Cockstrong tries to put Jaka away with a go to sleep-esque move and it looks like Jaka is hurt bad. However, Jaka reveals he was just playing opossum and locks on the jaws of the jaguar. Cockstrong has no choice, but to submit as his record drops to 11 and Jaka’s improve to 10. A sick Jaka/Mark Angel match could be right around the corner.

In other Beyond Wrestling news the company will be holding their biggest show to date today. Titled Americanrana and featuring Kevin Steen, MASADA, Colt Cabana and plenty more it is bound to be an indie classic.

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