Before Beyond Wrestling’s Americanrana

by Daniel Johnson

EYFBO vs. Da Hoodz

Since the folks at Beyond Wrestling haven’t uploaded anything from last night’s Americanrana show yet I figured I’d feature this clip, which was described on the Beyond Wrestling Facebook page as a preview of Americanrana’s four team tag match. The match has a lighting quick pace from the start. “The Real Deal” Mike Draztik and Kris Pyro emphasize this by trading what seems like about a dozen armdrags in thirty seconds. Before long Da Hoodz are beaten to the outside and Draztik climbs onto the ropes to tease an outside move. Instead “The Funky Monkey” Angel Ortiz flies through his legs to hit a suicide dive on Da Hoodz.

Despite hitting some nifty moves Ortiz soon gets beating down by Da Hoodz and barely manages to make a hot tag to Draztik. Draztik lets loose, but gets a super kick and German suplex from Davey Cash to halt the momentum. Ortiz comes to his assist his partner with a blue thunder bomb and all four men are down after Pyro lands a kick on Ortiz.  After a little more action Denver Colorado does a great job calling the finish as he says, “That’s the damnedest Canadian destroyer I’ve ever seen” when Draztik launches Pyro across the ring and follows it up with a pin.

Also, if you’re interested in what actually happened at Beyond Wrestling Americanrana then be sure to check out my write-up of the event here.

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