Zombie Princess Against Zombie Hunter

by Daniel Johnson

Lady Poison vs.  Jessicka Havok

This match from the ACW Queen of Queens 2012 tournament  is hyped as a zombie princess taking on a zombie hunter. Somewhere George Romero must be smiling. The match consists of kicks, kicks and more kicks. You have to wonder if Mr. Anderson from TNA was the road agent for this performance. Also, Jessicka Havok wears a mask to avoid Lady Poison spitting some green mist into her face. It works for the most part though Poison is able to get a little in Havok’s eye at one point. Poison also manages to trap Havok in a variation of the octopus stretch, but only briefly.

Lady Poison and Jessicka Havok finish the match when the two go to the top ropes. Poison attempts to finish her, but gets shoved off by Havok. Havok isn’t out of hot water yet as she gets trapped in the ropes. Yet, Rachel Summerlyn appears out of nowhere to interfere and attacks Poison. With Poison distracted Havok rolls the zombie princess up to win the bout. The fight between Poison and Summerlyn continues for a while after the match. Overall, the bout was a little too kicktastic, but at least the commentators got some zombie mentions in there.

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