ROH Throwback Thursday: Danielson Wrestles Castagnoli

by Daniel Johnson

Bryan Danielson vs. Claudio Castagnoli

This match is a technical wrestling fan’s wet dream as Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) and Claudio Castagnoli (Antonio Cesaro) engage in a bunch of mat-based wrestling. The match really starts to heat up when the pair find themselves in a knuckle lock and nearly pin each other after some monkey flips. The two take a break and each do the other one’s taunt with Castagnoli first yelling “I have ’til five” and Danielson raising his arm and shouting, “hey.”Then it is right back to some mat wrestling. Both wrestlers also exhibit an excellent use of psychology throughout the match with Castagnoli targeting Danielson’s back and Danielson focusing on Castagnoli’s arms.

Eventually, the bout spills outside and Danielson hits a sweet looking suicide dive. During the fight on the outside Danielson gets some streamers caught on him like a big dork and brings them back into the ring. Danielson attempts a dropkick from the top ropes, but gets caught by Castagnoli. Castagnoli proceeds to hit Danielson with a big swing, which he must have learned from Wolf Hawkfield from Virtua Fighter. As the bout comes to an end, each nearly win it with a two count apiece. Finally, the two just start exchanging European uppercuts like crazy until Castagnoli misses a big European uppercut and Danielson steals the match with a backslide.

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