Puro Flashback: Fuchi Wrestles Suzuki

by Daniel Johnson

Masanobu Fuchi vs. Minoru Suzuki

Here is a fun match to watch while you heat up your Marie Callendar’s meal in the microwave (I suggest the fettuccine chicken and broccoli). You can tell how hard hitting this contest will be when right at the start of this clip Minoru Suzuk pokes Masanobu Fuchi in the eyes. Despite being a couple dozen years past his prime Fuchi battles back and knocks Suzuki out of the ring. The two even brawl in the audience briefly.

Back inside Fuchi tries to start a chopping contest with Suzuki, but Suzuki is not having it and just knees Fuchi in the stomach. After some offense from Suzuki, Fuchi attacks Suzuki from behind while Suzuki is arguing with the official. Fuchi proceeds to than hit a pitiful dropkick that is kind of sad. A short while later Fuchi goes nuts and starts chopping Suzuki like crazy. The crowd doesn’t even have time to woo in the manner of Ric Flair for each chop. Suzuki no sells it until Fuchi tuckers himself out and nearly gets beat with a sleeper hold. The finish sees Suzuki further punish Fuchi with a front face lock before ending it all with a piledriver. Overall, the match isn’t great but it is short and considering Fuchi was pushing 60 when it happened is sort of impressive.

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