Beyond Wrestling Showcases A Clash of Styles and a Great Match

by Daniel Johnson

Drew Gulak vs. Usurper

The folks at Beyond Wrestling uploaded some great action over the past week, but the one match that really stood out to me was this contest between Drew Gulak and Usurper from the old CZW Academy. Both guys have gotten decent pushes at BW and before the match began had winning records of 8 and 6, respectively. Outside of the match being anyone’s game what really makes this bout is how much the styles of the two differ yet the two are able to work together excellently. In a way the styles clash, but this also oddly enough is what drives the match. Usurper has more of a brawling style in the vein of The Berzerker or heck even Bruiser Brody who really all modern brawlers owe a little to. On the other hand Gulak is a wrestler who utilizes a more well-rounded style and if he shines one place it is in his technical wrestling.

Coming into the match Usurper had arguably just a little bit more momentum than Gulak because as Denver Colorado points out he had a lengthy streak where he suffered no losses at all. From the start of the performance Usurper tries to turn it into a brawl, but Gulak keeps trying to wrestle him. Usurper gets the upper hand and after a back breaker Usurper is setup to hit his off with his head crossface finisher. Gulak instead intelligently rolls out of the ring for a breather. When the match resumes there is plenty of striking, but Gulak also targets Usurper’s arm. The performance spills outside again briefly and Denver Colorado points out Gulak has hit the jackhammer on opponents on the outside before. Instead of getting shades of Bill Goldberg/The Giant, Gulak just pulls back for a standard snap suplex on his much larger opponent.

Usurper appears to have some fight left in him and gets back up as the match continues inside the ring. However, a short time later as Usurper is trying to slam Gulak, Gulak shifts his weight and wrenches Usurper’s arm back for a submission victory.

In other Beyond Wrestling news, this week, the company also uploaded another clip from their Americanrana show and a trailer from their Armory Amore event.

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