30 in 30: RCW’s Channel

by Daniel Johnson


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The full Riot City Wrestling (RCW) YouTube channel can be found here.

Here are the facts about RCW’s Youtube channel:

Number of videos: 176

Frequency new videos are added: About twice a month these days though some months are missed completely and others get more than two new videos.

Frequency full shows are added: No full shows have been added to date.

Total views of the most popular video: 6,761

There is a wide spectrum of quality when it comes to wrestling in Australia. For goodness sakes, The Fabulous Kangaroos, arguably the most influential tag team that ever existed had roots in Australia. On the other end of the spectrum there are things like this. Somewhere in the middle is Riot City Wrestling (RCW) from southern Australia. Their shows draw well and they have a considerable amount of talent that most members of the Internet wrestling community have probably never heard of since RCW is in Australia after all. Their YouTube channel is a good representation of the promotion and is quite in-depth dating all the way back to five years ago. You can catch glimpses of some of the few Australian wrestling stars who have gotten some recognition from an audience outside of their native land such as Kellie Skater. Most of the videos have good production quality and they even feature multiple promos from a tag team named SEXROCK! I repeat SEXROCK! Some drawbacks of the channel include some matches being called with commentary that is unintelligible. The commentary is not unintelligible because of the commentator’s Australian accents as I’m sure some Australian dialects are much easier to understand than some American ones, but because the commentary is recorded live using house mics. Also, some matches appear really dark with little lighting.

A recommended clip:

Elliot Sexton vs. FuZion

There is a respectably sized crowd of Australian independent wrestling fans gathered for this match from RCW’s Winter Wonderslam event. Winter Wonderslam? Heck, that name is so sweet one has to wonder why it isn’t the name of a major wrestling event in North America? As for the participants there is an odd dynamic going on here as despite playing the heel Elliot Sexton gets more of a face reaction than his opponent. Don’t me wrong though as Sexton has his share of hecklers. It’s not surprising since he uses “Sex Bomb” by Jones as entrance music for cheap heat’s sake.

Sexton plays a better heel than one might expect for someone as young as him. Even though fans still swoon when he takes his shirt off for the crowd Sexton has all the basic heel mannerisms of hair pulling, kicking his opponent in the gut after asking for a handshake and arguing with the ref down. Beyond just having the basics down Sexton also manages to put his own spin on them. For instance, in between kicking FuZion as he lays in one corner he stops to sternly wag his finger at the ref. True, this is done plenty by heel wrestlers, but how still Sexton becomes when doing this just to go right back to kicking is what makes it.

FuZion has a less impressive build than Sexton and a bit of a gut, but not everyone can be sculpted like John Morrison. Still, FuZion’s offense is tough to buy as he is laying in a barrage of clotheslines.  Later FuZion manages to have some more impressive offense and nearly gets some three counts with a spinebuster and a side slam. However, Sexton puts FuZion down with a kick square in the nuts right in front of the ref. Sexton lays in some more damage despite getting disqualified before being chased off. Overall, a more than decent affair.

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