Puro Flashback: A Brief AJPW Match from Last July

by Daniel Johnson

KAI vs. Shuji Kondo

I’ve written before about Shuji Kondo’s amazing ability to have incredible matches in a short amount of time. Thankfully the folks at AJPW saw fit to post another one of these treasures. The match begins with KAI jumping in the ring only for Kondo to immediately kick him in the stomach. Within seconds KAI is already on the outside floor on his back after flying at Kondo with some offense, missing and receiving a lariat that would make Stan Hansen orgasm.

Back inside the pace slows down dramatically when Kondo locks on a resthold and lands some strikes. After getting stomped in the corner for a while KAI has had enough and hits Kondo in the face with a kick, Shawn Michaels style. KAI also scores a dropkick off the top rope. KAI then lands a kick as Kondo simultaneously hits one. resulting in a brief double knockout moment. Where’s Earl Hebner with that epic ten count when you need him? KAI manages to not only get up, but hits a double stomp from the middle rope. Eventually, KAI’s high flying makes him pay in the end when he attempts one move too many and gets walloped by Kondo’s knees.

The match is almost wall to wall action with only a few spots for KAI and Kondo to rest. KAI probably looks more impressive in the match, but Kondo plays a worthy foil. Not bad for a guy with hair like a yellow skunk.

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