ISW Free Match Monday: Masked Men

by Daniel Johnson

Lloyd Cthulowitz vs. Izzie Deadyet

Burger Kind of the Ring II: Double Whopper is now just a mere three months away and the fellas (and dames?) at ISW are continuing counting down to it with this installment of ISW Free Match Monday. This match features everyone’s favorite ISW zombie, Izzie Deadyet taking on everyone’s favorite ISW reference to an H.P. Lovecraft character, Lloyd Cthulowitz. Well, I’m sure as heck not going to keep typing out Cthulowitz, so I’ll just refer to him as Lloyd.

Despite the look of the two masked men involved, the in-ring action for this first round match from the original Burger King of the Ring is mostly sound if a little sloppy. After some attempts to intimidate each other the two have a test of strength followed by Lloyd getting Deadyet in a headlock. Deadyet manages out of the headlock with a head scissors reversal and then clamps on his own headlock. There is some more technical wrestling peppered throughout the match perhaps in honor of Bret Hart who the commentators hype throughout the match. However, it is not all mat wrestling and reversals. Deadyet hits some lariats and also attempts a variation of The Undertaker’s old school rope walk at one point only to be met with a punch to the face. After this Lloyd gets Deadyet in a reverse Razor’s edge position and plants him with an ace crusher. The commentators play up  that this move should have been enough to defeat Deadyet, but instead of walking away with the victory, Lloyd gets obliterated by Deadyet with a chokeslam from the ropes.

Deadyet did not win the original Burger King of the Ring, but perhaps he will win the follow-up tournament. Hmm, makes one think what a zombie hamburger would look like? Maybe like this.

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