30 in 30: ECPW’s Old Channel

by Daniel Johnson


It has been nearly a week since voting for the Crown J started, but there is still plenty of time to vote right here. Also, if would like to learn about the Crown J click here and to learn more about 30 in 30 click here

The full East Coast Pro-Wrestling (ECPW) YouTube channel can be found here.

Here are the facts about ECPW’s Youtube channel:

Number of videos: 29 with an additional 43 on the promotion’s later channel. There are 72 videos in total.

Frequency new videos are added: No new videos have been added in about 10 months, but ECPW have a new channel, which is updated almost weekly.

Frequency full shows are added: Full shows are added about once a week. Sometimes shows are added only about once every two weeks.

Total views of the most popular video: 1,638 for the old channel. The new channel is a little behind at 1,528.

ECPW offers free quality shows on their YouTube channel about once a week with their ECPW Adrenaline program. The show runs about 30 minutes each week and has commentary, solid camera work and excellent lighting. The audiences for most of these shows are small and intimate, which allows for good interaction between the wrestlers and the people in the audience. ECPW has only uploaded one brief singles match that is not part of ECPW Adrenaline, but it is a whopper of match. The promotion mainly features east coast based talent ranging from fairly well known indie guys to no name talent. There aren’t a lot of marquee talents wrestling for ECPW, but they did manage to book Kevin Nash who was verbally trashed here.

A recommended clip:

Bandido Jr. vs. Merengue Warrior

This match for the ECPW Light Heavyweight Championship is incredibly fast paced despite not having many aerial spots. Merengue Warrior plays the role of a showboating face and at one point, during a standing headlock, even dances Bandido Jr. into one corner. Where’s La Parka when you need a dance off? From there Warrior hits some arm drags and a crossbody at which point Bandido escapes to the outside. Big mistake! Warrior flies to the outside with a plancha and nails Bandido.

The match is far from over and when Warrior attempts a move off the top rope he instead takes a hit and gets flipped onto the mat. With selling like that there is no way Merengue Warrior will join his fellow warrior, One Warrior Nation atop the Flop 100. There is a lot of back and forth in this brief bout with two counts sprinkled throughout. Perhaps, the most devastating maneuver is when Warrior hits Bandido with a big back body drop and Bandido’s legs hit the ropes, which somehow adds to the impact. The two brawl until the end and Warrior hits Bandido with one knee as the last move. This move doesn’t even knock Bandido down to the mat, but the match is ruled a no contest because I guess the time expired. Odd, that a match should have a time limit of about eight minutes, but at least the two delivered in those eight minutes.

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