CTWE Biccomania V’s Cage Match

by Daniel Johnson

Joey Cruise vs. Dan De Man

The match is for the CTWE Shooting Star Championship and the storyline is that Cruise had been on a losing streak at Briccomania. There is a ton of brawling on the outside to start rendering the cage in this match essentially useless. Regardless the fans are into it and when the cage finally does get used it makes the wait that much more worth it. In the meantime AJ Cruise and Dan De Man pummel each other all around the outside of the cage and at one point AJ even hits Dan with random objects he is given by fans.

When the two finally make their way inside the cage at first AJ is in solid control and punishes Dan with kicks. This does not last forever and a while later Dan hits by far the scariest move of the match (and perhaps in CTWE history) when he hits a tombstone piledriver off the ropes on AJ. For anyone who has been following BJ Whitmer’s recent troubles this move is particularly unnerving to watch. AJ somehow kicks out, but Dan remains in control. A bit later Dan tries to put down AJ for good on the outside of the cage, but this brings out Dan’s former friend, Vladimir Joseph to the rescue. This distracts Dan enough to the point where AJ sneaks in a chair shot, but that isn’t enough to keep Dan down. The match continues since only pins and submissions count in this one with escaping the cage not being an option to end the bout. There is more chair play, but after a while Dan’s manager gets antsy and climbs the cage. He is met with a kick in the head from AJ who then finishes Dan off with a double stomp from the cage.

In other CTWE news, owner Joey Bricco just announced the the company will be closing. The announcement can be found here. In his statement he said, “When one door closes, another one opens,” so hopefully there will be some kind of follow-up promotion to CTWE. In the meantime, CTWE The Final Show is scheduled for August 24 in Bethany, Connecticut.

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