Canada vs. Portugal in RWA

by Daniel Johnson

Dante vs.Ricky Medeiros

Here is an international incident of a match from RWA Legacy VI. Dante plays a Canadian heel who even punches a randomly placed cardboard cutout of Barack Obama before the match. It is tough to blame him as at least he has finally found something to do since finishing The Divine Comedy. Dante’s heel antics are enough to make Ricky Medeiros the de facto face, but Medieros earns his pops from the crowd with some swell high flying moves throughout the match. He is a little sloppy at times, but one could just imagine what he will be capable of with a few more years of experience.

The man representing Portugal delivers a suicide dive to Dante as the move that first really livens up the match. However, as soon as the two are back in the ring Dante takes advantage and does some standard heel schtick like back rakes and mocking the crowd. Dante also draws some comparisons to actor Philip Seymour Hoffman from the commentators, which are scarily enough spot on. At one point Dante attempts to cover Ricky, Chris Jericho style with one foot, but this doesn’t work out. Ricky finally bounces back and wallops Dante with a dropkick. Before the match ends Ricky hits probably the best moonsault I have ever seen in the RWA. Yet, to paraphrase Dusty Rhodes, Dante is the one to get to the pay window when he rolls up Ricky while Ricky is arguing with the referee and Dante grabs his tights for the three count.

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