30 in 30: IWAU’s Channel

by Daniel Johnson


There is still lots of time to vote for the Crown J right here. Also, if you would like to learn more about the Crown J click here and to learn more about 30 in 30 click here

The full Independent Wrestling Association Unlimited (IWAU) YouTube channel can be found here.

Here are the facts about IWAU’s Youtube channel:

Number of videos: 1,259

Frequency new videos are added: Less than once a month these days though new videos were once much more common in the past. Perhaps updates will continue to be updated at their old rate…someday.

Frequency full shows are added: Less than once a month. It isn’t a traditional wrestling show, but a talk show. All You Can Eat hosted by the tag team Kentucky Buffet has new episodes added once in a while.

Total views of the most popular video: 18,496

Here is a whopper of a channel! With far over a thousand clips, the channel of the Olney, Illinois based IWAU offers hours and hours of footage. There are plenty of wrestlers featured that only fans of the Illinois indie scene may be familiar with, but there are also some pretty big name independent stars as well. Wrestlers such as Johnny Gargano, Chuck Taylor and even Colt Cabana pop up. The video quality is also great and about as best as you can get from a promotion the size of IWAU. At least for footage shot with a single camera and with no commentary added. So what are the drawbacks? Well, back in August 2012 IWAU posted this video about their videographer leaving the company, complete with emo music and everything. Heck, it choked them up so much that to this day it is still one of the first things you read when you go to IWAU’s official website. It is tough to blame them because the quality of the video footage was superb and having to go from adding a whole bunch of full matches to almost none is a shame. On the positive side the channel still occasionally has new episodes of All You Can Eat hosted by the tag team Kentucky Buffet. However, the last episode added was a retrospective and that is never a good sign.

A recommended clip:

Kentucky Buffet vs. FIST

Kentucky Buffet, Alex Castle and Matt Cage come out to a hero’s welcome with their IWAU Tag Team Championship belts. Their opponents FIST, Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano don’t really gather a lot of boos at first, but how can anyone hate a team the ring announcer introduces as Friends with Similar Tights?

All four of these men have great chemistry together, but the match really shines in those moments when the referee loses control and all four are wrestling away. An exciting example of this is when Taylor looks like he is ready to suicide dive or plancha onto Castle only to get too close to the wrong side of the ring and is kicked in the head from the outside by Cage. Karma strikes Cage or rather Gargano does because as soon as he makes the same mistake Taylor made he get speared by Gargano. From there Cage takes the Ricky Morton beating as Taylor and Gargano heel it up a bit. When Cage makes the hot tag to Robert Gibson…or Alex Castle rather he springs back to life. Cage suicide dives onto Taylor on the outside while Castle nearly puts Gargano away. Cage jumps back in the ring and super kicks Gargano in the face while he is in the fireman’s carry position being held by Castle. This doesn’t do the trick. Gargano and Taylor are also able to get the job done when they gain control for a blink. Yet, after more kicks to the head than it would take to decapitate a mule, Castle pins Gargano.

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