ROH Throwback Thursday: Kings of Wrestling Take On Generation Me

by Daniel Johnson

Kings of Wrestling vs. Generation Me

Perhaps two of the best all around tag teams on the independent scene in 2010 were reigning ROH World Tag Team Champions Kings of Wrestling and Generation Me. So much so that fans have a tough time choosing who to root for in this bout from ROH Salvation and of course this being ROH and all it leads to plenty of dueling chants. The match opens with Claudio Castagnoli and Max Buck and for a while it is pretty even with a lot of mat wrestling, a lot of tagging and not a lot of rule breaking. Of course being as good as they were Kings of Wrestling had to play their part as the heels and the two slowly incorporate some dastardly tactics into their offense including when Jeremy Buck is just standing in his corner on the apron and Chris Hero levels him with a dropkick.

Max Buck plays Ricky Morton in this match as he is eventually picked apart by Claudio and Chris until Max finally makes the hot tag to Jeremy. Generation Me get some near falls, but cannot defeat the ROH World Tag Team Champions in this non-title match. Don’t be surprised if sometime soon wrestlers have to stop using kicks because Generation Me give away so many in this match soon there won’t be any left. Heck, at one point Jeremy even accidentally super kicks Max. When they are not kicking each others heads off Generation Me also deliver some great double team moves, the highlight of which has to be when Max sets Chris up on the ropes and Jeremy hits a 450 splash. However, the champions still manage a victory with their KRS One finisher.

On a side note it is odd looking at late era Claudio Castagnoli in retrospect. Just a short time earlier he looked considerably different from what he would become in Antonio Cesaro, but in this clip he looks just like how he does in WWE with just a little more hair.

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