30 in 30: TCW’s Channel

by Daniel Johnson


There is plenty of time to make your voice heard and vote for the Crown J right here. Also, if you still need to learn about the Crown J click here and to read more about 30 in 30 click here

The full Traditional Championship Wrestling (TCW) YouTube channel can be found here.

Here are the facts about TCW’s Youtube channel:

Number of videos: 168

Frequency new videos are added: About two to three times a week.

Frequency full shows are added: Full shows are added weekly and run about an hour with commercials.

Total views of the most popular video: 9,924

TCW has a great YouTube channel with perhaps the best feature being the sheer quality of their footage. Seriously, it is almost like you are watching one of the big two (or at least TNA) at some points. TCW uses multiple cameras with good camera work and great lighting. Each match features commentary and the channel also includes full episodes. The closest company I can think of that features comparable footage is LLUSA. The full episodes do not really have a name, but are just promoted as TCW Show followed by the year the show happened and what number show it is from that year, for example TCW Show 13-1. The show only dates back two years, but in addition to some lesser known talent has featured veterans like Matt Borne, Tommy Dreamer and Ricky Morton. Heck, even Jackie Fargo pops up on their channel!

A recommended clip:

Matt Borne vs. Tommy Dreamer

This match took place just a few months before Matt Borne died and while he certainly showed his age, it was remarkable how much of his ability he retained right up until the end. Prior to Tommy Dreamer coming out Matt Borne walks out in Doink-esque gear and cuts a scathing promo about how he has known Dreamer for over 18 years and how he has felt betrayed by him. Borne goes onto talk bout how he appeared for the WWF/WWE’s first Wrestlemania show (in a match against Ricky Steamboat that was rated match of the night by Dave Melzer no less) and in short. why he is the bee’s knees.

The match is a first round bout from the TCW International Championship Tournament. As can be expected with these two older wrestlers Borne stalls a bunch at the beginning and from there, there is a lot of working the crowd, brawling and absolutely no high flying. The encounter picks up at the end when Dreamer brings in a chair (note: not a steel folding chair mind you, but a purple chair with a cushion), but Borne hits him with a drop toehold right into it. Borne then positions Dreamer on the chair and slaps him, but this doesn’t sit well with Dreamer (get it? ) and Dreamer stands up and gets Borne in a fireman’s carry position. Borne wiggles out and pushes Dreamer out of the ring. Dreamer then attacks Borne on the floor and picks up a hammer and a ring bell. He puts the bell on Borne’s laps and hits it, which I guess is supposed to hurt Borne’s testicles. If Dreamer really wanted to hurt Borne one has to wonder why he didn’t just take the ring bell out of the equation. The bout ends in a double disqualification after which Borne taunts Dreamer by saying “I kicked his ass” while the two are being held apart from a brawl.

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