ROH Throwback Thursday: The Matt Taven/Mike Mondo Feud

by Daniel Johnson

Matt Taven vs. Mike Mondo

This week’s edition of ROH Throwback Thursday is hardly a throwback match at all. The bout happened just last year and the feud between Matt Taven and Mike Mondo is sure to be fresh in at least a few fans’ memories. Before the match is shown the clip tells the story of why it is taking place. From Taven getting beat down by “Mr. Wrestling” himself. Kevin Steen to Mondo failing to give Taven respect after a hard fought tag match in which Taven and Mondo fought Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole.

As the match begins commentator Nigel McGuinness refers to Mondo as a “wrestler’s wrestler” while Kevin Kelly points out despite there being only two years of difference between Taven and Mondo in age, Mondo has a huge experience advantage.  Taven refuses to shake hands with Mondo as the bell sounds and Taven instead smacks his opponent. For a while the two trade strikes and at one point Taven gets Mondo outside of the ring and refuses to let him back in. When Mondo manages to re-enter it is not long before he rolls outside of the ring and play possum, complaining that he hurt his ankle. Taven goes outside to check on Mondo and is completely unprepared when he gets tackled. Mondo then bounces Taven’s head all over the barricades.

The two fight back inside the ring for about a second before Taven goes to the floor and catches Mondo in a cross body attempt, slamming his foe onto the protective mat. Taven returns Mondo’s offense from earlier and slams him all over the barricades then gives him a hanging suplex on the entrance ramp. Fighting back inside the ring, Taven hits one cross body off the top, but gets caught after a second attempt. Mondo finishes Taven off with a DDT.

The clip is a fun little match with a clear story and some particularly good heel work by Mondo.

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