30 in 30: OSPW’s Channel

by Daniel Johnson


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The full Old School Pro Wrestling (OSPW) YouTube channel can be found here.

Here are the facts about OSPW’s Youtube channel:

Number of videos: 34

Frequency new videos are added: No new videos have been uploaded in the last three years.

Frequency full shows are added: There are no full shows on the channel and it is very unlikely there ever ever will be.

Total views of the most popular video: 15,377

OSPW is a tiny independent promotion that runs shows out of western New York state. The biggest name that has a match on their YouTube channel is Colin Delaney, who I am becoming convinced is required by law to wrestle at least one match for every independent promotion based in New York state. The quality of the footage on this channel is horrendous and looks like fan cam stuff…bad fan cam stuff. Matches are shot from what is presumably someone’s beat up cell phone manufactured prior to cell phones being able to decently record video. The matches themselves are fairly decent and oddly enough have commentary on them. The commentary was recorded live at the shows on house mics rather than in a studio or with proper equipment, but can still be made out fairly well. Oddly, enough though this channel is long dead OSPW continues on. OSPW even has a website which is updated frequently despite screaming, “late 1990s” with its web design.

A recommended clip:

Colin Delaney vs. Kriptic Keegan vs. Horace White

This match is for the OSPW Junior Heavyweight TV Championship, which was then held by heel, Kriptic Keegan. Mega face Shadokat comes out to introduce Colin Delaney to the fans present at OSPW Legacy 5. This was right after Colin Delaney was released from WWE so he looks about the same as he did in that run. You can barely help, but think of him being gorilla press slammed by Big Daddy V throughout the clip. As soon as Delaney enters the ring, Keegan exits, but rather than fight Horace White, the other man in this triple thread, Delaney instead hits a wild plancha on Keegan.

Delaney delivers an arm drag to White on the inside, but soon the three are playing musical chairs over who gets to rest while the other two wrestle. Eventually Delaney looks like he is in charge after hitting Keegan with two head scissor attacks, but then Delaney gets tripped by White. The match soon escalates into a mess of a scramble until White hits the biggest move of the match…or misses it rather. After attempting to wallop Keegan with a cross body, White ends up missing bot opponents by roughly a country mile. From there Keegan merely kicks White’s head off and pins him.  A decent, if way too short of a match shot with incredibly bad recorder.

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