Puro Flashback: Some Comedy From AJPW

by Daniel Johnson

SUSHI, Andy Wu and Gillette vs. MAZADA, Aegyptus Aerial and Hikaru Sato

This match from 2012 is a battle from the all out comedic war between SUSHI and MAZADA. For those unfamiliar with him, SUSHI, is a wrestler who appropriately enough wrestles with a plate of SUSHI on his head. Yeah, I know, that fact is nearly as cool as the new Ultimo Dragon comic book.

Before the match starts, MAZADA has to lead Aegyptus Aerial, who is a wrestling mummy, out of the ring. SUSHI claps his hands and gets the crowd going in his favor, but MAZADA doesn’t even want to tie up with him. Instead MAZADA tags in Hikaru Sato who promptly gets SUSHI in an ankle lock with a grapevine applied and all. Next, Aerial gets tagged in and dust flies off of him as Sato makes the tag. Andy Wu gets tagged in for SUSHI’s team and the two end up staring at each other like statues as the crowd claps for them to wrestle. The two never lock up and instead MAZADA tags back in leading to him and Wu trying to kick each other until Wu lands one. As Wu turns around Aerial chokes him and actually delivers some fast pace moves.

The momentum of MAZADA’s team goes away when Gillette hits the next big spot of the match with a beautiful dropkick on Sato. Gillette then tags in SUSHI who immediately gets his fish ass handed to him. Speaking of the neither regions, MAZADA tags in and pulls some sushi out of his pants to distract SUSHI. MAZADA throws the piece of sushi out of the ring and SUSHI follows. Aerial, who is waiting for SUSHI then kicks the carp out of him (carp being a pun on my part rather than a spelling error). When SUSHI re-enters the ring he gets beaten down just as badly by MAZADA until SUSHI does his version of Hulking up and hits MAZADA with a back cracker. I’d like to see Hulk Hogan do that! Sato senses MAZADA is in trouble and clears the ring. There is a brief melee leading to Gillette ruling the ring for about a second before being pulled out by Aerial.

Up next are a slew of high flying spots! First, Wu hits Sato with plancha. Next, Sushi looks posed to do something, but MAZADA distracts him again by pulling out more sushi, which likewise once again leads to Aerial beating the carp out of SUSHI (still a pun). Aerial hits a Asai moonsault to the outside and Gillette flips over the ring onto everyone.

Eventually, SUSHI and MAZADA make their way back into the ring and SUSHI hits a diving headbutt. MAZADA’s two partners come back in and SUSHI takes a diving headbutt from Aerial followed by MAZADA’s finisher which a fisherman suplex into a slam, which is known as the shoda drop. Gillette makes the save and SUSHI fights back allowing him to pin MAZADA for the win!

After this match SUSHI took part in a very serious press conference. If you don’t speak Japanese then all you really need to know is that SUSHI said he was going to cook MAZADA and that The Johnson Transcript is the greatest website on the planet.

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