30 in 30: USE’s Channel

by Daniel Johnson


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The full United Sports Entertainment (USE) YouTube channel can be found here.

Here are the facts about USE’s Youtube channel:

Number of videos: 21

Frequency new videos are added: No new videos have been added in almost a year. Prior to this the channel’s 21 videos were added in a period of about six months.

Frequency full shows are added: No full shows have been added and it is pretty unlikely there will be any added.

Total views of the most popular video: 754

USE is a microscopic independent that according to their YouTube channel runs out of Hamilton, Ohio. There are no big names or heck really even any small names who are featured on the channel. Instead the channel features wrestlers with generic one word names like Iceberg, Rampage and Midas. Admittedly some wrestlers have a little less generic names like Ryan Michaels, but that just sounds like it came from the WWE NXT name generator. Despite being nearly impossible to do an Internet search to find information on any of these wrestlers some of them can hit some quite decent spots. Unfortunately, the quality of the footage on this channel ranges from mediocre to just plain bad. Oddly enough USE has a Facebook page that was last updated just a little over a month ago. The promoter (or whoever is running the page) even name dropped Micro Championship Wrestling as a promotion he would be interested in working with. Well, at least that post got one like on Facebook.

A recommended clip:

Rampage vs. Iceberg

This is one of the higher quality matches on USE’s YouTube channel in terms of both the quality of the match and the footage. It even kind of, sort of has commentary as the woman recording the footage (possibly one of the wrestler’s girlfriends) cannot shut up during the match.

Rampage is the first to get a good offensive move in with a shoulder block, but Iceberg rebounds with a dropkick, Rampage comes back and hits a pretty nice release German suplex followed by a sleeper hold. When Iceberg gets out of this hold he starts working on Rampage’s arm then follows it with a front face lock and some flying strikes. After getting in some more offense, including a DDT that nearly ends the match, Iceberg gets charged at and tackled by Rampage into a corner. Rampage delivers a hanging suplex, which forces Iceberg to roll out of the ring. When Iceberg comes back in, Rampage quickly puts his boots to him, but Iceberg proves to be resilient.

Iceberg hits the first move off the top rope with a cross body, but not to be outdone Rampage hits a leg drop off the ropes. As Rampage is punishing Iceberg a friend of the camera woman says, “That looked real,” which completely takes viewers out of the match. Oh well, nothing the wrestlers can do about that. For the finish Iceberg hits a dropkick then tries for a hurricanrana, but instead gets powerbombed twice.

The finish was a little awkward and some of the moves were far from crisp, but the match had better quality action than what many would expect from such a small indie promotion.

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