WWE Pay-Per-View Roundtable: Summerslam (2013)

by Daniel Johnson, Kyle Childers and Bad Booking


Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Rob Van Dam for the WWE United States Heavyweight Championship


Daniel Johnson: Dean Ambrose should really be on the main show. Rob Van Dam, I am not that enthusiastic about despite WWE best efforts to make Rob van Dam seem like a big deal once more. Then again, RVD is on the pre-show so maybe WWE hasn’t given their best efforts to promote RVD. At any rate this match should be fairly decent bout as long as RVD doesn’t ham it up too much. Plus, Ambrose could use the win since the stock of The Shield has plummeted lately.

Kyle Childers: RVD recently said his TNA work wasn’t up to snuff because of the talent level, well Ambrose has the talent to motivate RVD into a potentially great match. If WWE is serious about pushing The Shield, giving Ambrose a win over a potential WWE Hall of Famer is as good an idea as any.

Bad Booking: This seems like a waste of a match really. Both talents are more than proven for the show itself, that the pre-show is more than beneath what these guys are capable of. Given the quality of the Usos/Shield match the month before, maybe I shouldn’t be so hesitant about it. In the meantime, Ambrose is definitely going over. RVD’s age and experience can only help Ambrose become a more mature “WWE style” guy. Again, this should have been a match for prime time damn it!

Natalya (with Cameron and Naomi) vs. Brie Bella (with Nikki Bella and Eva Marie)


Daniel Johnson: All I can think about this match is, “Please don’t be over five minutes! Please don’t be over five minutes!” Actually, Natalya has always been a fairly decent worker and there are a lot worse divas on the roster than Brie Bella (Rosa Mendes, for instance). Natalya should get the win here. Natalya could also pull a match out of Brie that is less than cringe worthy especially if there is some twin magic involved to spice things up. Also, as long as it is under five minutes.

Kyle Childers: I want to care, I just can’t. Ask me again in six months when this episode of Total Divas airs.

Bad Booking: Total Divas filler match. I hope Natalya makes Brie tap like a bitch, nothing more.

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs. Big E. Langston and AJ Lee


Daniel Johnson: With Dolph Ziggler’s recent health issues I don’t expect much classic Ziggler selling in the match, but I hope he is healthier than I think he is and that I am wrong. I also expect little from Big E. Langston because of Ziggler’s shape. Hopefully, this doesn’t go too, too long as I can only take so much of AJ Lee and Kaitlyn. I expect Big E. Langston and AJ Lee to get the win here to go along with Lee’s never ending push.

Kyle Childers: Another match I want to care about, but don’t have the energy to. WWE has really squandered all the momentum that Ziggler had going for him earlier in the spring. I can understand the desire to push Big E. since, as anyone who’s seen him in NXT can attest, he’s a talent with a lot of potential. I expect Ziggler and Kaitlyn to win with Kaitlyn getting the winning fall.

Bad Booking: I know Ziggler is post-concussion, and this is an easy thing to throw him into. But this is such utter tripe for a man who is deserving of so much more. At the same time, every few years they have a mixed tag at SummerSlam, so this isn’t all so shocking after all. I wish AJ and Kaitlyn had their own match with Kaitlyn finally winning while Ziggler perhaps fends off interference from Langston in a World Heavyweight Championship match (more on that in a bit). To the match at hand, Ziggler and Kaitlyn have to win here to prove two things: Kaitlyn can win against AJ, and Ziggler’s push didn’t just stall at SummerSlam.

Cody Rhodes vs, Damien Sandow


Daniel Johnson: This match has the potential to be the sleeper hit of the night. Damien Sandow putting his Money in the Bank briefcase on the line would make it more interesting so hopefully that becomes an added stipulation. If WWE is smart they’ll have Sandow win. Sandow was WWE’s original choice to carry the Money in the Bank briefcase so the company must have some faith in him. WWE might as well go full-throttle and pull the trigger on Sandow before he cashes in.

Kyle Childers: This is actually one feud in WWE I’m glad we’re actually getting. I love the chemistry between these two guys and I think this would be match of the night on any other card. It should be a very entertaining match and I expect Sandow to win through underhanded tactics to keep the feud alive.

Bad Booking: Here is something that hasn’t been done in a while. A midcard feud that is actually worth a damn? Yes sir, and with two of the more eclectic characters of the WWE Universe. Cody Rhodes, the son of a son of a plumber whose mustache rules the Universe one smile at a time. Damien Sandow, the intellectual savior whose wits may have the best of him because he took someone at their word. I love how Sandow’s briefcase, as a result of being chucked into the Gulf of Mexico (I believe), is now transformed into the world’s most professional Hershey bar. I think Rhodes is going to win, but the feud will hardly end here. Expect a Money in the Bank match, similar to Ziggler/Cena last match, to cap it at Night of Champions.

Kane vs. Bray Wyatt in a ring of fire match


Daniel Johnson: This should just be a straight-up inferno match since having a nearly identical gimmick only calling it a ring of fire match seems quite needless. Bray Wyatt should win to keep Kane’s streak going as the monster who helps put young talent over. Also, I expect Kane to burn in this one.

Kyle Childers: What the hell is a ring of fire match? I assume it’s an Inferno match, but they haven’t called it that. Assuming reports of Kane taking time off are accurate then I think this is the perfect chance to give The Wyatt Family a solid push.

Bad Booking: Although the ring of fire is little more than an inferno match with pinfalls, this match has so much potential. Bray’s cult leader gimmick, lifted directly from NXT with no modifications at all, has featured some of the best promos cut by anyone in the WWE in some time. Cena, Bryan, Punk, anybody! Just the fact this guy is featured in such a role so soon means the WWE has their full confidence behind them. Kane is the perfect foil here for Wyatt and his followers. He’s as sick, as disturbing, and as captivating as they are. With Kane’s knowledge/experience, its easy to see that there will be nothing less than a good match here. If reports are to be correct, Wyatt will win and this will lead to Kane filming See No Evil 2 in the fall. Let the seven foot dong live! (Yes, I’m dead serious, Vince McMahon wanted Kane to have a seven foot penis in the original See No Evil).

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman)


Daniel Johnson: I have been waiting for this match forever! A lot of people are looking forward to Daniel Bryan/John Cena, but this is the match that got be really psyched for the show. I’ve been waiting for it, for at least as far back as about two years ago when I had CM Punk and Brock Lesnar feud in EWR. For those interested in that game Punk lead a heel stable of luchadores called, Viva la Straight Edge. Anyway, I expect Lesnar to defeat Punk. WWE really needs to give Lesnar some big wins if they have him appear at Wrestlemania again. The company does a great job of making Brock look like a monster, but if at the end of the day he still has a losing record since his return then that is going to stand out. Also, at this point in his career Punk really doesn’t need to beat Lesnar.

Kyle Childers: Now we’re getting to the wild card matches of the night. This could go either way and both results would make sense. My head says, “Lesnar,” but my heart says, “Punk,” so I’m going with the best to triumph over the beast.

Bad Booking: Heyman had Punk at his word. Then ate it like a New York-style deli sandwich. Now, Punk has the appetite the size of one of Chicago’s deep dish pizza pies! Only Heyman’s predator is a beast that is the biggest carnivore on the whole food chain: BROCKKKKKKKKK LESNARRRRRRRRRR! Punk has sold the match on the mic, while Lesnar has sold the match on brute intensity. I wish Brock would bust out his WWE repertoire from 2003-2004 to keep this match more interesting. I see Punk having to dig deep into his thin MMA knowledge to get at Lesnar. Whatever it is though, this match is definitive, because this will be Lesnar’s last match until Wrestlemania. Hopefully, Punk wins, but it’s not guaranteed. Once again, BROCKKKKKK LESNARRRRRRRRR!

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio (c) for the World Heavyweight Championship


Daniel Johnson: I would like nothing more than to see Christian win the World Heavyweight Championship, but WWE has broken my heart too many times by teasing to give Christian a long major title run. Alberto Del Rio will win this one and a small, but vocal section of the Internet wrestling community will sulk for the next few days.

Kyle Childers: How great has Christian looked recently? I mean seriously, WWE wants us to love this guy and it’s working. I hope to see the most boring world champion in years fall to Captain Charisma.

Bad Booking: This is one of those feuds that while it will have good matches, also bores me to death. ADR’s personality has little substance, and kicking out Ricardo Rodriguez was the worst thing they could do for him. Christian is always a solid hand. That Desire-like video for Christian not too long ago leads me to believe that Christian could get another title run. Let’s hope that has more substance than ADR’s personality!

Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship


Daniel Johnson: As previously stated I am more interested in Punk/Lesnar, but this is a great co-main event! I just wish HHH wasn’t spoiling it by being the guest referee as the last time he did that at SummerSlam, it just dragged down what could have been a classic Cena/Punk match. Since rumor has it that Cena is injured and will probably need to be out for a while, Daniel Bryan will probably win then Randy Orton will cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Actually, I hope not. Ideally, Cena would narrowly retain or even retain because of some shenanigans, which then leads to Orton cashing in. On the other hand maybe Bryan could just get a dusty finish win to keep him strong. At any rate, Bryan and Orton can then feud while Cena heals.

Kyle Childers: This is the match that sold me this PPV. I’m not a Cena fan by any stretch but when the heat is on, he turns it up. Once again, if Cena is actually getting elbow surgery then right now is the time to make a new star in Daniel Bryan. He’s undeniably over and has all the momentum in the world so I’m picking Bryan to walk away as WWE Champion. The only question is, does he leave Sunmerslam with the title or does Randy Orton capitalize and cash in? If he does cash in, I’m making the bold prediction that Bryan retains the title.

Bad Booking: Bryan. Wrestler. Cena. Entertainer. Both men have been bringing it big time for the longest time. Cena’s elbow will be a big factor, as apparently it is in bad enough shape where it will need surgery after the show. I think this will be a great match that will allow Cena to go outside the box. Cena is at his best when outside the safe style, and Money in the Bank 2011 with Punk is the best example of it. Now to the elephant in the room. Will HHH play a significant role in the match as ref? Will this allow Randy Orton, who has no match as of yet, to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase? Will Vince go crazy once again? Gosh, this match has more questions than guarantees! But I will guarantee is that the fans will win because this wrestling will be entertaining!

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