30 in 30: PPW’s Channel

by Daniel Johnson


Hey wrestling fans! Before  dropkicking today’s 30 in 30 feel free to enter here to win a free  Blu-ray of The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden. Also, for details about 30 in 30 go here.

The full Pacific Pro Wrestling (PPW) YouTube channel can be found here.

Here are the facts about PPW’s Youtube channel:

Number of videos: 10

Frequency new videos are added: About twice a month though the folks who run the channel have been particularly good about uploading content lately.

Frequency full shows are added: No fulls shows yet. Hopefully, someday soon.

Total views of the most popular video: 4,797

PPW is an Australian based promotion featuring top notch male and female wrestlers. At least a couple of performers in the company would probably be in WWE or TNA by now if they were in more of a wrestling hotspot than Australia. Instead they are wrestling for PPW, which plays incredibly small venues. PPW will only grow over time as the company is still relatively new beginning in October 2012. The biggest name the company features on their YouTube channel has to be Madison Eagles due to her exposure in the United States. Some of the male roster is certainly worth a look though including Madison’s brother, Robbie Eagles, Mitch McCarthy and Alex Shepard. Clips on the channel include full matches and excerpts from matches like this. Bouts are shot using a single camera and include commentary. The lighting for the footage is great and the video in general is clear. The company also has a humble, but active website.

A recommended clip:

Mitch McCarthy vs. Robbie Eagles

This is a tournament match for the then vacant PPW Heavyweight Championship from PPW FIRST STRIKE, the company’s very first show. Mitch McCarthy is noticeably larger than Robbie Eagles who he dominates for much of the early going. Eagles comes alive when he hits two armdrags on McCarthy who immediately retreats outside the ring. Back inside at one point McCarthy just shoves Eagles down with blunt force. However, Eagles attacks McCarthy’s knees and McCarthy retreats again. When McCarthy finally re-enters, Eagles hits a devastating combo with a dropkick, chop, another kick and a flying head scissors. McCarthy retreats yet again, but Eagles assaults his foe with corkscrew attack over the top rope to the floor.

McCarthy eventually gets back to delivering some of his own offense including a fisherman’s suplex and a big boot to Eagles’ face on the outside. Eagles only manages to even the bout out with a clothesline to the back of McCarthy’s neck that sends both men down. As the match comes to a close Eagles is on fire with a reverse hurricanrana, a running double knee assault to McCarthy’s chest and a top rope hurricanrana. However, before Eagles can get a pin, McCarthy plants him with a piledriver. Although Eagles kicks out at two, McCarthy wins with a schoolboy after putting his feet on the ropes.

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