Two Young Lions Wrestle at Reistance Pro Stick It To Ya

by Daniel Johnson

Jake O’Neil vs. Scotty “The Kid” Young

Resistance Pro brought out two young and hungry competitors for their Stick It To Ya show. The first of the two is Jake O’Neil who was trained by Lance Storm. How do we know he was trained by Lance Strom? Because if you look up any information on the guy you will almost always find that fact highlighted. Plus, it is mentioned several times in this video alone. Across the ring from O’Neil is Scotty “The Kid” Young who apparently wasn’t trained by anyone as impressive as Lance Storm because his trainer isn’t mentioned half a dozen times or so.

Despite never experiencing the Yoda-like sage advice of Storm, Young nearly gains an early advantage when he hits a shoulder block, but O’Neil lands on his feet when Young attempts to follow it up with a monkey flip. O’Neil retreats to the outside and Young hits a breathtaking suicide dive. O’Neil doesn’t get a whipping for long as he quickly hits a chin breaker and dropkick then clamps on a modified cobra clutch. Just as Young is powering out of O’Neil’s hold, O’Neil plants him with a Russian leg sweep.

Young next comes back with a backslide only to get knocked down by a clothesline. Yet, Young hits a clothesline of his own and then some European uppercuts, a running elbow and a dropkick. After coming back with a leg lariat O’Neil hits an impressive killswitch variation and soon locks on a single leg Boston crab. I wonder where he learned that from? Young gets to the ropes, but the official doesn’t care for some reason and lets O’Neil drag Young back to the center of the ring without breaking the hold. Yet, Young gets the last laugh as when he is finally powering out of the crab he rolls up O’Neil for a victory.

O’Neil and Young are not done with each other yet as apparently The Smashing Pumpkin’s Billy Corgan, who serves as the creative director for Resistance Pro, really enjoyed their bout. A rematch has been signed for the company’s upcoming super card, Resistance Pro Alive.

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