Beyond Wrestling: Uhaa Has His Hands Full With Dickinson

by Daniel Johnson

Uhaa Nation vs. Chris Dickinson

This match from the CZW Academy pits what Denver Colorado describes as “two behemoths” against each other. Chris Dickinson comes into the match with a winning record of 9 while Uhaa Nation comes in with a record of -1. Yet, as Colorado points out Uhaa had only wrestled in Beyond Wrestling once before and then started working for Dragon Gate where he became a superstar in Japan.

The two are more than simply power wrestlers as a lot of the match depends on the two using strongman moves. For instance, Dickinson tries to shoulder block Uhaa down at one point, but unable to do so challenges Uhaa to shoulder block him. Uhaa gives it two attempts then lands a dropkick to prove he has more in his arsenal than power moves. After some painful looking slaps from Uhaa, Dickinson lets loose with a slam, clothesline and some corner attacks. Eventually, the two start to wildly trade blows with Dickinson coming out on top. However, Uhaa then lands two rolling German suplexes and nearly hits a third.

The match begins to wind down, but not before Dickinson displays some more feats of strength. Dickinson powerbombs Uhaa from the mat and then hits him with a nifty belly-to-back suplex. The two then trade some more shots. These shots aren’t exactly on the Dynamite Kid/Tiger Mask level of stiffness, but don’t look too light just the same. For the finish Dickinson plants Uhaa with his brain eater finisher after Uhaa misses a moonsault.

Also, this week the folks at Beyond Wrestling uploaded this clip to hype their Americanrana show and this clip to hype their sister promotion, WSU.

Lastly, in Beyond Wrestling news, their show Point of No Return is scheduled to take place at Fete Music in Providence, Rhode Island, one week from today.

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