Resistance Pro: Lock Up Defend Against Pondo and Pierce

by Daniel Johnson

Mad Man Pondo and Brady Pierce vs. Lock Up

The Smashing Pumpkin’s front man, Billy Corgan must be having a lot of fun with his Resistance Pro promotion. The folks at the company just uploaded another match from their Stick It To Ya event, this one featuring the holders of the Resistance Pro Tag Team Championship, Lock Up defending against hardcore legend Mad Man Pondo and his protege, Brady Pierce.

Prior to the match Lock Up give an interview, but Sugar Dunkerton gets distracted by female wrestler Lucy Mendez. Aaron Epic tries to get Dunkerton back on track, but it is no use. As the camera cuts to the ring entrances the bout is announced as a Pondo’s Rules match, which essentially is just a basic hardcore match.

To start Epic and Pierce pair up and slug it out while Dunkerton wildly swings at the air. Meanwhile Pondo goes outside of the ring. The pairings then switch and Pondo attempts to attack Epic with a staple gun. Although Epic staples Pondo’s head first, Pondo soon staples Epic’s crotch. Pondo then brings in a wooden palette, which is a much less interesting weapon than the commentators would like viewers to believe. The palette ends up backfiring on Pondo anyway as Lock Up shove him onto it and Pondo has to be taken to the back. Lock Up are then left alone to target Pierce’s left leg and hit it with kicks, punches and a variety of submissions.

For the finish Pondo comes back out and tags in. Pondo punches away at Lock Up and even hits Epic with a clothesline. However, when he tries to continue the assault with a stop sign, Epic kicks it into Pondo’s face and Lock Up pile on him for the win.

After the match Pierce pimp slaps Pondo and Warden Myers tells Lock Up they will be released if they win their next match.

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