ISW Free Match Monday: A Larry Sweeney Tribute Match

by Daniel Johnson

Icarus, Gran Akuma and Jolly Rogers vs. Hallowicked and 2.0

The most recent installment of ISW Free Match Monday is a trios match in tribute to the late Larry Sweeney. This match happened at ISW Burger King of the Ring and features the wrestlers wearing their old school CHIKARA gear to honor Sweeney.

Jolly Rogers and Scott “Jagged” Parker start off the match, which allows for Rogers to hit a bunch of arm drags then a suicide dive onto Parker. Gran Akuma then comes in and quickly exits after a spinning head scissors to Hallowicked. Lastly, Parker’s 2.0 partner, Shane Matthews enters to combat Icarus. but not much happens before Hallowicked charges back in the ring and tries to clear it. Instead Hallowicked takes a crossbody from Jolly Rogers and then 2.0 unleash a wicked chopfest on him.

From there, complete carnage erupts for most of the remainder of the match. Along the way there are some neat spots like 2.0 doing their best impression of The Dudley Boyz by hitting a Dudley death drop and the “what’s up” diving attack into a victim’s crotch. Also, Gran Akuma pulls down Parker’s pants exposing his bum and Parker does likewise. What an ass! To add insult to…well, the fans I guess, neither man pulls his pants back up for an extended time. There is also a spot in the match where every single performer is involved in a side headlock except for one of 2.0 who ends the mess with a DDT.

For the finish Icarus wraps the bout up by hitting a big elbow from up top on Shane Matthews.

Hopefully, there is some trios action featured on the upcoming ISW Burger King of the Ring II: Double Whopper show.

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