Old School Flashback: A Match From Hot Bodies

by Daniel Johnson

“Dangerous” Denise Storm vs. Nasty Linda Dallas

Oh the days when a wrestling company could be moderately successful by releasing matches straight onto VHS tapes. Are those days gone forever? Well, like answering the question if VHS tapes are already obsolete the answer is simply yes. Speaking of obsolete old school WWF announcer Ken Resnick opens this clip from the LPWA released VHS Hot Bodies before quickly turning it over to Nasty Linda Dallas who gives a fairly generic heel promo. In it she talks about how she doesn’t like anyone including her partner Nasty Kat Leroux.

As for the match the first thing that stands out is the sheer size difference between Dallas and her opponent, “Dangerous” Denise Storm in terms of both height and weight. Still, Dallas barely lets Storm have any offense as she pummels her with strikes then targets one of Storm’s legs. However, after missing a jump on Storm, Dallas lands right on her butt allowing Storm to fight back with some knees to Storm’s face and a clothesline. Storm follows up on her offense with a suplex and another clothesline, but then misses a third clothesline into the corner. Dallas splashes on top of Storm and puts her foot on the ropes for a cover and it is all over.

In other news related to old school VHS tapes concerning bodies and adjectives about them, the 1980’s film Hardbodies will be celebrating it’s 20th anniversary next year.


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