Beyond Wrestling: Fox and Stone in a Rematch

by Daniel Johnson

AR Fox vs. Anthony Stone

This is rematch from an epic encounter that took place at Beyond Wrestling Americanrana. This bout occurred in New England Frontier Wrestling (NEFW) and starts with AR Fox dropkicking Anthony Stone in the face. Denver Colorado plays up Fox not taking Stone seriously, which is later epitomized by Fox setting Stone up in a tree of woe position only to hit him with a bronco buster. However, Fox then misses a 450 splash and is punished with a frogsplash from Stone. Yet, Fox comes backs and hits an impressive threesome of moves when he hits a northern lights suplex, rolls into another one and caps off the attack with a brainbuster.

The match spills outside a few times, until Stone ends the last encounter with a moonsault off of the ropes. Yet, when the action comes back into the ring Fox manages a cutter and wins with a 450 splash. It will be interesting to see if these two have a rubber match sometime down the line for bragging rights.

In other Beyond Wrestling news, the folks at the company have uploaded a bunch of new material this week including a clip from Beyond Wrestling’s sister promotion, WSU and Kevin Steen hitting a senton at Beyond Wrestling Point of No Return.

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