RWA: Triplelicious Takes On Frank the Crank

by Daniel Johnson

Triplelicious vs, Frank the Crank

This match is appropriately enough from RWA Hype and the reason I say that is because both men have recently been getting hype on the northeastern independent wrestling scene. While Frank the Crank just made his debut for the RWA in this match, Triplelicious has long been tearing things up, perhaps most notably in his feud with 2012 Crown J winner, “The Juice” JT Dunn. The commentators really build Frank the Crank up prior to this match by talking about how Triplelicious will have to face off with, “All 275 lbs. of this big bastard.” Well, it is tough to dispute that.

Don’t let Crank’s ill-fitting shorts fool you. The guy clearly has at a minimum the basics down in move set and ring psychology. The two, close counts he gets with a scissor kick and a belly-to-belly suplex could have gotten a great reaction if the match was in front of one of RWA’s bigger crowds. Crank also hits a pretty sweet big back body drop earlier in the match. Yet, Triplelicious is the star of the bout. Aside from moves like a sweet standing moonsault (especially given his size) Triplelicious just heels it up fantastically. Triplelicious ends the encounter by blowing powder into Cranks eyes, hitting him with a face wash and devastating him with a top rope legdrop so vicious it would rip Hulk Hogan in half if he did it today.

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