ISW Free Match Monday: The Badd Family Reunion

by Daniel Johnson

Chad Badd vs. Brad Badd vs. Dadd Badd vs. Grandadd Badd vs. Two Biker Sluts vs. Ricky Baddcliffe vs. Mike Badderson vs. Madd Badd vs. Lil’Brown Badd vs. Plaid Badd vs. Grad Badd vs. Badd Teeth Badd vs. Glam Rock Badd vs. Glaad Badd vs. Jihad Badd vs. Big Badd Larry vs. “Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts”

ISW Burger King of the Ring II: Double Whopper is now just a few more weeks away and will feature the Badd Boys consisting of Chad Badd and Brad Badd going against The Glaad Boys consisting of Glaad Badd and Craigslist Homo. As you might suspect from some of the names of these participants alone, the rivalry started in a very politically incorrect way, which this clip helps demonstrate. This is clip features a battle royal or as the description of the video on YouTube describes it as a “Badd-le Royal” involving all the members of the extended Badd family, the biggest kayfabe wrestling family since the one belonging to The Dudley Boyz.

The match itself only lasts about five minutes and the bulk of the clip is spent on the introductions, which consist of a variety of mildly offensive jokes. As such there is Grandadd Badd coming to the ring with two women known only as Two Biker Sluts, Lil’ Brown Badd being described as the result of one of the Badd’s drunken one night stand with a convenient store owner and then Badd’s with rhyming first names such as Madd Badd, Plaid Badd and Grad Badd. Fittingly everyone enters to Badd Company with some exceptions such as Big Badd Larry coming out to a nifty CB4 song. The final man to enter is someone announced as Jake “The Snake” Roberts who is clearly not Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Eventually, the match is whittled down to Chad Badd, Brad Badd, Glaad Badd, Ricky Baddcliffe, Big Badd Larry and “Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts,.” Roberts asks for Larry to team up, but ends up giving him a clothesline and eliminating him. Roberts is almost just as quickly out by getting tossed by Chad and Brad. Now, with the final five participants in the ring it is worth noting for those unfamiliar with ISW that the majority of the Badd family are all very homophobic except for the out Glaad Badd. However, Glaad ends up hugging his father, Dadd Badd and Dadd accepts it. However, this angers Ricky who is then eliminated by Dadd. Chad and Brad then toss out Dadd, but are then simultaneously eliminated by Glaad, the winner of the match.

In summary, what the hell did I just witness?

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