Indie Flashback: El Generico at an Outdoor Bash

by Daniel Johnson

El Generico vs. Dirty Buxx Belmar

Since El Generico signed with WWE and became Sami Zayn, the company has been hiding him away quietly on national television even occasionally resorting to covering him up in hobo clothes. Yet, just last year Generico was still wrestling for independent promotions all over including at BATTLEWAR Outdoor Bash.

Prior to the match Dirty Buxx Belmar spits on his hand and asks Generico for a handshake. After some delay Generico accepts the handshake and immediately gets kicked in the gut for it. A textbook opening heel tactic from Professional Wrestling 101. Likewise, later on Belmar attempts to rip Generico’s mask off. Belmar also apparently studied the chapter on Ric Flair as after getting a ten count punch from Generico he does a Flair flop that few can top.

As the match winds down Belmar gets increasingly desperate, which leads him to grab a cigarette from one of the fans in attendance. Earlier in the match Belmar was only attempting to unmask Generico, but now he is making an effort to burn a hole in his face. Generico avoids it by protecting himself with his hands and the referee forces Belmar to hand over the cigarette. However, as the ref is disposing of the cigarette Belmar gives Generico a shot straight to the groin and gets the victory.


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