Old School Flashback: A Sort of Sloppy LPWA Match

by Daniel Johnson

Babyface Nellie vs. Nasty Linda Dallas

Sadly unlike a lot of LPWA matches this bout is sans Jim Cornette commentary. The reason I say this is because it is one heck of a sloppy match and Jim Cornette tends to call them like he sees them. Especially when he is at Dairy Queen. At any rate the sloppiness of this match mostly comes from Babyface Nellie. Hold on a second. Babyface Nellie? I’d love to see her pull off a heel turn just for the utter confusion it would cause.

Nasty Linda Dallas dominates most of this match and starts it off by whipping Nellie all over the ring by grabbing her hair. Nellie gives Dallas a boot that barely connects and in short order hits a clothesline that barely connects and a back elbow that actually manages to connect fairly well. From there Nellie performs an arm drag that Ricky Steamboat wouldn’t bother to take a dump on and then a series of submissions. After some chops and a slingshot Nellie looks like she could win it all, but then Dallas comes back with a vengeance. Dallas wins with a clothesline, which looks a heck of a lot better than the one Nellie performed earlier in the match, but is still pretty far from a Stan Hansen level of awesomeness.

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