ROH Throwback Thursday: Another Missed Thursday

by Daniel Johnson

Jack Evans vs. Eddie Edwards

The folks at ROH are late to post a new edition of ROH Throwback Thursday again this week (if they plan to post one at all), but luckily the ROH YouTube channel is still rich in matches. This bout between Jack Evans and Eddie Edwards from 2007’s ROH Dedicated was one of the first full matches featured on the ROH YouTube channel and has the poor video quality to prove it.

Edwards controls the majority of the match and early on gives Evans some brutal looking chops and a powerbomb on the ring apron. Edwards also locks on an STF variation that contorts Evens in all kinds of unnatural ways. Masahiro Chono would approve. Yet, Evans gets some shots in as well and after landing a lucky knee to Edwards face, Evans gets a two count. For the finish Edwards attempts to destroy Evans from the top rope, but instead ends up feeling the wrath of Evans’ 630 splash.

To end on a note that has nothing to do with this match like ROH, the CZW staff also haven’t been uploading many full matches to their YouTube channel lately either. Fortunately, instead of actual matches, CZW or heck humans in general, can enjoy the Somebody ran over Zandig’s car series. At the risk of hyperbole I dare say it is the greatest series of anything ever. At least out of shows featuring John Zandig.

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