NHPW: Skater Wrestles Naridian at Global Conflict 2013

by Daniel Johnson

Kellie Skater vs. Nikita Naridian

The staff over at New Horizons Pro Wrestling (NHPW) recently made this addition to the NHPW Vault. The match is from an eight woman tournament that happened at NHPW Global Conflict 2013 back in July. The tournament featured an array of international talent including Portia Perez, Madison Eagles and Tomoka Nakagawa (try saying that three times fast). Also, featured were these two woman: Kellie Skater and Nikita Naridian. Since the match is only a few months old I will refrain from calling it an indie flashback, but it is worth a gander nonetheless.

Skater starts the match off strong by landing some forearms shots to Naridian’s face, but quickly enough Naridian is pulling off some classic heel tactics. Naridian is a little messy in her offense, but then again how organized does someone have to be when tackling an opponent into a guardrail? After Naridian chokes Skater a little more and throws in some hair pulling for some emphasis the two trade some loud chops. As the match winds down it looks like either woman could score the win, but Skater hits a difference maker by crossing Naridian’s arms and planting her backwards on the mat.

In case you’re wondering about the results of NHPW they can be found in full here.

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