ISW Free Match Monday: Addy Starr Tastes Some Lego

by Daniel Johnson

Addy Starr vs. Shitty

In this clip from ISW Burger King of the Ring the sandwich artist formerly known as Flip D. Berger, Shitty takes on Addy Starr in a cornerstone of ISW, a Lego deathmatch. Addy has an early advantage, which she gets by throwing Lego at Shitty and breaking a Winne the Pooh constructed of Lego over his head. However, Shitty soon fires back with some Lego of his own and even dropkicks Starr into a tub filled with Lego.

After Starr suffers plenty of more punishment she makes a comeback with a northern lights suplex eventually allowing her to use two wrestling themed weapons. First, Starr breaks a replica of “Macho Man” Randy Savage’s head that is made out of Lego over Shitty’s head and then she hits Shitty with a cross body while wearing a cardboard replica of D’Lo Brown’s protective vest.

Wrestling props or not, Shitty has the experience advantage having already competed in two Lego deathmatches previously. As such he knows all the best moves to use including stomping Starr into the Lego, taping a hat filled with Lego on Starr’s head and piledriving her and finally superplexing her on the Lego. Shitty ends the bout with a variation of a swanton bomb and gets the victory.

In other ISW news it is tough to believe, but ISW Burger King of the Ring II: Double Whopper is less than two weeks away. In preparation for the event ISW released a promo Izzie Deadyet cut on Dirty Buxx Belmont to hype their match for the ISW Championship.

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