Old School Flashback: The WWF’s Tori in LPWA

by Daniel Johnson

Terri Power vs. Rusty Thomas

Remember the WWF’s Tori? No, not the one who dated Alex Roriguez, that was Torrie Wilson. I’m talking about Tori, the woman who contributed to breaking up the team of Kane and X-Pac then became The Black Ninja who helped out Raven for no apparent reason before disappearing from proper WWF television forever. Well, before she came to the WWF she actually had a pretty extensive wrestling career, working in Japan and also for the LPWA as can be seen in this clip.

In this bout, Tori is working under the name Terri Power. Prior to her squash match with Rusty Thomas, Power cuts a white meat babyface promo with interviewer Boni Blackstone where she thanks the LPWA fans and talks about how this is her first year in wrestling. She also has some huge 1980’s hair in this video! As for the match, Power opens it up with three armdrags before Thomas can manage one hammerlock. As may be predictable with a squash match, Power soon reverses the hammerlock and hits two dropkicks, one of which barely connects. Power then slams Thomas leading into Thomas’ last desperate attempt at offense. Thomas rakes Power’s eyes and puts her in a front face lock, but Power is too strong for her and Power ends up superplexing Thomas for the win. A fun little squash.

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