30 in 30 Reborn: Devil Mountain Wrestling’s Channel

by Daniel Johnson


Hello folks! Back indie/foreign wrestling and vote for The Crown J here. Also, go here for details on how to win a $25 WWE Shop Gift Card. Info on the 30 in 30 Reborn series can be found here. Contest ends August 16, 2014 at 4:00 p.m.

The full Devil Mountain Wrestling (DMW) YouTube channel can be found here.

Here are the facts about DMWs Youtube channel:

Number of videos: 89

Frequency new videos are added: There have been no updates in eight months. At the channel’s peak they had about one update a week.

Frequency full shows are added: Full or nearly full shows used to pop up on the channel every few months or so and were split into parts.

Total views of the most popular video: 2,219

DMW sprouted up in northern California in 2006, but did not launch a YouTube channel until 2012. The channel consists of full or almost full shows split into parts and shorter bits and pieces. The first DMW YouTube clip ever showed promise, but don’t let that cool video package trick you. DMW matches on the channel are shot from one hard camera, there is no commentary and the picture and audio quality leave much to be desired. It is a little puzzling because clips show DMW has much better video capabilities as viewers can see camera operators walking around and the like. A cool feature the channel has are some onscreen graphics that tell viewers about the storyline before the match and where it is going after the match. All bouts are shot out of the same location in Martinez, California at the Martinez Boys and Girls Club. DMW’s roster consists mostly of California based talent who don’t travel much if at all beyond the west coast like The Riv, Levi Shapiro and “Ultra Girl” Brittany Wonder. Matches on the channel can run up to nearly a half an hour, which gives viewers a good chance to really take in some of these wrestlers. No new clips have been added to the channel in eight months and DMW’s official website has not been updated for about the same time. However, the promotion ran shows this year in conjunction with Battleground Pro Wrestling so there is some hope.

A recommended clip:

Johnny Plinko vs. “The California Black Sheep” Mike Rayne

For DMW 2013 began with heel “The California Black Sheep” Mike Rayne holding the DMW Championship. However, there was some hope for the traditional DMW fans as Johnny Plinko had been a thorn in his side even earning a title shot before coming up just short. Whereas in the aforementioned title match Plinko was exhausted having to wrestle two matches in the same night to get to the title, in this rematch both men were fresh.

Before I go any further I’ll just throw out there that Plinko deserves to be the champion of some promotion somewhere. If for no other reason than he uses “Now You’re a Man” by DVDA as his entrance music.

To start this encounter Rayne tries to intimidate Plinko by getting all up in his grill. However, Plinko just smacks Rayne and it is not the last time either. This leads the two to get into a battle of the chops, which Plinko clearly wins. There is a lot of brawling in this match and a fun little spot where the two are fighting outside and Rayne seats Plinko in a chair only to smack his chest. Enraged, Plinko gets up and puts Rayne in the chair then delivers an identical smack.

On the inside Rayne controls a bunch of this match and when Plinko finally gets momentum he has the worst luck in the world. Plinko throws a dropkick, but Rayne dodges it and Plinko connects with the official for a heck of a ref bump. This opens the door for shenanigans when “The Russian Wolf” Alexis Darevko runs down with his steel chain in hand to cause damage. Yet, there is also some help later on as the clip closes with top babyface The Riv making the save and issuing a challenge to Rayne for the next show, which gets accepted.

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