Site News 11/18/14

by Daniel Johnson


Hey there! The Johnson Transcript is finishing up 2014, but plans to go out with a bang!

First, there is a brand new series I’ve put together entitled 6 Tremendous Wrestlers Under 26. The thought behind this series is that The Johnson Transcript is meant to highlight young talent, especially foreign and indie performers such as has been done with the 25 and Under series. I always thought a great and direct way to do this was to¬†feature the matches and include some background/thoughts on them. The problem with that is not all talented young wrestlers have clips online or more often they might, but then the footage may have some issues with it. For instance, it may come from an unofficial source that can’t be posted here, be of poor video quality or have any number of other problems. Many of these videos also don’t stay up forever and get yanked down leaving write-ups on here confusing. So rather than just ignore these performers, 6 Tremendous Wrestlers Under 26 will give you the scoop on six stars a shot. These are not necessarily the six best indie/foreign talents out there, but rather six that may have been overlooked and are worth checking out.

In the debut piece for November 2014 listed in no particular order of skill are Fenix, Will Ospreay, Eita Kobayashi, Konosuke Takeshita, Astral and Chii Tomiya. Read it here!

A second series entitled Another 6 Tremendous Wrestlers Under 26 will also debut next week. The pieces are broken up for shorter and more enjoyable reads. Tentatively, each month a new installment of each will be published.

This brings me to my next bit of news, which is that daily updates for The Johnson Transcript are just not possible at this time nor is a set schedule. I am currently working to put together a consistent schedule for 2015. In the meantime that doesn’t mean updates will stop. Far from it! In fact, The Johnson Transcript has a slew of content slated for November, December and January! I’ll keep from giving away everything at once, but here are a couple of things to look forward to.

The first interview since October was posted yesterday. I chatted with IWF Heavyweight Champion, Ilya Malkin and he had a lot of neat stuff to say, so check that out here. Another interview is scheduled to be posted tomorrow! Look out for some more interesting reads with great talent soon!

In addition to interviews returning so will voting for The Johnson Transcript Surging Star Award! Voting will be held in January 2015 and close on January 31 at 1:00 p.m. If you never heard of The Johnson Transcript Surging Star Award or The Crown J then what you should know can be found in this post about last year’s award. Look out for a new post about this year’s eligible talent on December 1!

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