Indie Wrestling News Roundup 11/2/15

by Daniel Johnson

indiewrestlingnewsroundup*JT Dunn, 25, the 2012 winner of The Johnson Transcript Surging Star Award, wrestled Matt Hardy, 41, for the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance (XWA) at XWA Wrestlelution 2015 in Providence, Rhode Island on November 1. Hardy was a last minute substitute for AJ Styles, 37, who was unable to wrestle due to injury. Hardy defeated Dunn to close out the show.

*Naoya Nomura, 22, defeated Yuma Aoyagi, 20, at the AJPW The Power Of Wrestling Charity Show in Aomori, Japan in the second match on the card on November 1. Despite Nomura debuting less than two years ago and Aoyagi wrestling for under a year both have already amassed solid portfolios of matches. Both have wrestled over 80 matches a year in 2015 and are on track to wrestle around 100 by the year’s end.

*In Dragon Gate (DG), Kotoka, 25, won the DG Open the Brave Gate Championship at DG The Gate of Destiny 2015 in Osaka, Japan on November 1. Kotoka defeated Akira Tozawa, 30, and Naoki Tanizaki, 36, in a three way elimination match for the title. This was Tozawa’s seventh title defense in his 246 days as champion. This also marks Kotoka’s first title run in a major wrestling promotion.

*At 4 Front Wrestling (4FW), Tiger Ali, 22, retained the4FW Heavyweight Championship against former WWE star John Morrison, 36 on October 31. The defense took place at 4FW Kingdom Rising 2015 in Swindon, Wiltshire, England. This marks the first time Ali has defended this title against a former WWE contracted talent. Also on the show was Ultimo Dragon, 48, who defeated Juventud Guerrera, 40, in a match straight out of the late 1990’s cruiserweight scene of WCW.

*Aside from having a great name, the German Wrestling Promotion (GWP) showcased a young talent in the main event of GWP Night Of Decisions 2015 in Schwabach, Bavaria, Germany on October 31. Juvenile X, 21,successfully defended the GWP World Championship against the considerably more experienced Johnny Moss, 35, and Murat Bosporus, 35. X has plenty of experience working with veterans as he was trained by former WCW cruiserweight Alex Wright, 40, and previously defended the GWP World Championship against past WWE star Tatanka, 50. Buffalo!

*Trevor Lee, 22, has been wrestling all over the United Kingdom for the past week including at a Preston City Wrestling (PCW) show in Preston, Lancashire, England on October 31. At PCW Scary Moves in the Bloody Afternoon, Lee lost to then holder of the PCW Cruiserweight Championship, Bubblegum, 31, in a non-title match. Oddly enough Bubblegum would lose this same championship mere hours later at PCW Fight Night 4 in a three way elimination match. El Ligero, 30, defeated Bubblegum for the title in a bout also involving Noam Dar, 22.

*Viper, 24, is not signed to TNA, but you may not know that given the participants in her last match. Viper wrested at the aforementioned PCW Fight Night 4 and teamed with Mr. Anderson, 39, in a mixed tag team match to defeat former TNA talent Magnus, 28, and Mickie James, 36.

*Viper had a busy weekend as she also wrestled for Fierce Females (FF) in Glasgow, Scotland on October 30. At FF Freaky Friday, Viper successfully defended the FF Scottish Women’s Championship for the first time in the main event of the show. Her opponent was Bete Noire, 29, who lost to Viper in a last woman standing match.

*The promotion Viva La Lucha (VLL) had a run of four shows in Florida from October 29 to November 1. Jason Cade, 24, opened the aptly named VLL The First on October 29 in Ybor City, Florida, in a match that saw him lose to Lince Dorado, 28.

*Noam Dar and Chris Ridgeway, 22, wrestled in the very first match ever held outside of the United States by Global Force Wrestling (GFW) on October 28. In the opening bout of the GFW UK Invasion, Dar defeated Ridgeway at a card held in Grimbsy, Lincolnshire, England. Another young talent, Nathan Cruz, 25, lost to Jeff Jarrett, 48, at the same show. None of the these three young lions appeared at the next GFW show held in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England, but Trevor Lee popped up again and got a win over well traveled Englishman, Tyler Bate.

*Mitch Mitchell, 22, and Jeff Boom, who compose Generation Genesis lost the NWA Florida Tag Team Championship at a NWA Signature Pro Wrestling (NWA SPW) event in Brandon, Florida on October 27. At NWA SPW Brandon Brawl, The Dirty Blondes consisting of Leo Brien and Mike Patrick emerged victorious in the main event to win the gold.

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