Young Wrestler Spotlight: Biagio Crescenzo

by Daniel Johnson


Biagio Crescenzo

biagiocrescenzo“Charming” Biagio Crescenzo, 19, plays a brash heel on southern California’s independent scene and was seemingly designed for the part. At well under 6’0″, Crescenzo is often at a size disadvantage in matches. While some young talent would use this physical trait to play the underdog babyface role, Crescenzo went the other way. Very far the other way!

With dyed blonde hair and his shirt tied around his neck in the most preppy manner imaginable, Crescenzo uses plenty of Professional Wrestling 101 stuff to rile up a crowd. From taunting fans to hiding behind the referee to just plain running away, Crescenzo excels at the basics.

Crescenzo began his career at Santino Bros. Wrestling (SBW) in 2014, but has not limited himself to one promotion. Some other places Crescenzo has popped up include Insane Wrestling League (IWL), Underground Empire Wrestling (UEW), and Orange County Championship Wrestling (OCCW). The last of these is brand spanking new, having been around for less time than Crescenzo has been wrestling.

Although Crescenzo is still in the early stages of his career, to date he has already wrestled around a few dozen matches in 2015 alone.

Another interesting thing about Crescenzo only longtime fans will appreciate is that he was born about two weeks after Hulk Hogan turned heel and joined the NWO in WCW. Talk about something to make you feel old!

A recommended match:

Biagio Crescenzo vs. Fern Owens

After the pat downs, the referee starts the match and Biagio Crescenzo promptly starts running in this match from the September 25, 2015 SBW Showcase. Crescenzo is not content with one pat down for Fern Owens and shouts at the ref, “Check him! Come on!” The commentator of the match then remarks, “This guy is so preppy, reminds me of Macaulay Culkin.” This isn’t the most timely reference given what Culkin looks like now, but I guess the house in Home Alone was pretty nice.

When the two at last tie up Owens pushes Crescenzo into a corner. Owens then tries to initiate a test of strength, but Crescenzo kicks his hand away and lands a tremendous bitch slap. Crescenzo follows up with several more slaps, but then Owens remembers he is a man and kicks his opponent in the face.

Owens punishes Crescenzo with a suplex followed by grinding his arm into his smaller opponent’s mug. The fight goes into the corner leading Crescenzo to land two chops, but then Owens wallops the heel with some corner chops of his own.

Despite a gutwrench Owens cannot best Crescenzo. Crescenzo dodges a charge from Owens and manages a drop toe hold so that Owens’ goes headfirst into the middle turnbuckle. Crescenzo then summons the spirit of Test and lands a loud big boot to the back of Owens’ head. Crescenzo keeps up the cranial assault by repeatedly ramming Owens’ head in the turnbuckle.

Since Owens’ hits some nifty suplexes before he goes back to the well for some more. He grabs Crescenzo in a wheelbarrow position, spins him, then hits a German suplex variation (more like a wheelbarrow suplex, actually). Owens goes up top for a big splash, but Crescenzo puts his knees up. Crescenzo pulls out The Undertaker’s old Hell’s gate finisher. This must remind Owens of WWF main eventers from the 1990s because he soon clamps on a sharpshooter.

When Owens is unable to make Crescenzo tap, he says some very non-PG words before the two collide with a double crossbody.

As the two are laying down, the gigantic Brody King makes a run-in causing the bout to get thrown out. However, this allows Crescenzo a chance to really shine in his selling. King slams Owens on top of Crescenzo. Whereas Owens then gets away after a simple senton, King gets Crescenzo in a torture rack position and spins it into a lethal looking powerbomb.

I’m pretty sure the last time I saw a hoss murder two guys quite like that Scott Steiner was involved. Still, regardless of the outcome at the end of this one you can feel Crescenzo’s pain.

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