Ivan Markov Interview

by Daniel Johnson Interviewer’s Note: Ivan Markov has wrestled since 2004 for Russia’s Independent Wrestling Federation (IWF). In this promotion he has held the IWF Heavyweight Championship, the IWF Hardcore Championship and is a two time holder of the IWF… Read More ›

Evgeny Lyder Interview

Interviewer’s Note: Evgeny Lyder has wrestled for Israeli wrestling promotions for nearly ten years. He first came to the country in his youth from Ukraine. Lyder became immersed in wrestling through watching WWF programming and becoming a fan of Bret… Read More ›

No Chairs Needed

The fit La Parka (especially compared to his L.A. Park days) takes on Lizmark at what would become AAA’s showcase event. There are plenty of usual Lucha moves such as a sick suicide dive that La Parka takes and some… Read More ›