La Parka

The Tower Interview

by Daniel Johnson Interviewer’s Note: The Tower stands above much of his contemporaries at an enormous 6’10”. His influences include fellow big men like The Big Show and Vader, but also smaller wrestlers such as Jeff Hardy. He knew he… Read More ›

The Ref Wins

by Daniel Johnson LA Park vs. Petey Willaims Since WWE finally started opening their vaults and releasing La Parka’s stuff from WCW 2000 I thought it would be a great time to feature some more of him. Fortunately this bout… Read More ›

No Chairs Needed

The fit La Parka (especially compared to his L.A. Park days) takes on Lizmark at what would become AAA’s showcase event. There are plenty of usual Lucha moves such as a sick suicide dive that La Parka takes and some… Read More ›