The Crazy Chickens in a Classic

In this match Matt Classic (A gimmick that escaped from the brain of Colt Cabana) and Matt Classic Jr. take on The Crazy Chickens. While the Classics get in what the commentator refers to as a reverse…move (you have to watch the video to hear the actual fowl…or foul language) and at one point a triple reverse…move, The Crazy Chickens get in a little offense here and there early on. Every time the chickens hit a major move techno music starts blaring and Lil’ Chicken, Crazy Chicken and Flying Chicken start to dance.

The bout took place for Lucha VaVOOM at the 2011 edition of The Bamboozle Festival and at some points it really is two against two and a half men. Although instead of Charlie Sheen getting involved, Lil’ Chicken is there to perform a high spot. In the end this is too much for the unsurprisingly mat based Matt Classics. They eat the loss after a group pin following one chicken hitting an Asai moonsault and the other nailing a flip.

As odd as this video may be it is fairly normal compared to some of the wrestling related stuff out there. Take for example the following video starring John Nord aka Nord the Barbarian aka The Bezerker:

This video produced during Nord’s run in the American Wrestling Association is chalked full of 1980s goodness. Among other things it features Nord suplexing a guy on a car, Nord taking out a loan for meat and a match again the dreaded Russian!

In the end this update gives you some options. Don’t feel like watching Lucha VaVOOM? We don’t care. Don’t feel like watching Nord the Barbarian? We still don’t care. Don’t feel like watching either? Then we care (and you can just wait there for your suplex on a car).

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