Site News 10/26/15

by Daniel Johnson


Hey there! It has been way too long since The Johnson Transcript has been updated. It has been way, way too long!

So, what is going on? That is probably what the loyal Transcriptonians who still visit the site want to know after a nearly four month hiatus. Well, there is good news and bad news.

The good news is that starting today updates resume! There is further good news in that voting for The Johnson Transcript Surging Star Award for 2014 will finally take place starting October 31 and ending November 30 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

You can support this poll and by proxy some of your favorite young wrestlers on social media by using the hash tag #3rdcrownj in reference to the physical trophy given for the award, The Crown J.

The winner of this award (or repeat winner) will be in good company and join  past winners JT Dunn and Reed Bentley, who continue to tear up the American independent wrestling scene.

It may be a little late in 2015 to vote for an award for 2014, but think of it as one last chance to look back fondly on 2014 and think of wrestling!

Now, for the bad news! As much as I wish I could update the site more moving forward updates will only be made weekly. As much as I love some of the content that has been produced for the site since 2012, right now I can only commit to producing two weekly features.

The first is the return of the Indie Wrestling News Roundup. Check out the latest installment right here! The second is a brand new feature entitled, Young Wrestler Spotlight. The debut installment of this series focuses on Percy Davis and can be read right here! To help highlight young talent this series not only features some information about each spotlight subject, but also links to a full match. In this debut piece the match is Davis taking on Jake Omen in Paradox Pro Wrestling (PPW) at PPW Secret Wars #1.

I hate to make a lame excuse, but the reason for the reduction is site content comes down to simple time commitment. Lately, I have been working a bare minimum of 80 hours per week outside of this site. With that kind of schedule I am simply unable to dedicate more time to wrestling in general, never mind putting together tons of great quality content suitable for public consumption.

To end on a positive note, The Johnson Transcript may have a little more content than just those two features moving forward. Alex Knapp has told me he will be resuming Wrestling Game StArcade, so fans of wrestling gaming have that to look forward to! There may also be a new addition to the Wrestling Interviews section now and again. Lastly, for the third year in a row there is one more reason to follow news on The Crown J. Simply put (in just three words): There will be prizes!

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